The chemicals industry covers a number of sectors, from petrochemicals through toand specialities. The sector is undergoing rapid change, with accelerating globalisation and recent high raw material and oil and gas prices.

Drawn by a strong market potential for chemicals, traditional players are moving into Asia, especially to China, and new Asian entrants are experiencing strong growth rates. The U.S. chemicals industry has revived under the influence of shale gas, while the Middle East and Russia retain their traditional advantages based on abundant conventional feedstocks. In traditional Western markets, margins are eroding as a consequence of continuous price pressure, dwindling demand growth, and the lack of “real” innovation.

As a result, chemicals companies must develop new strategies to increase profitability and take advantage of opportunities in high-growth markets and regions. In addition, mergers and acquisitions are regaining importance as a way for chemicals companies to optimise their business portfolio and increase market share; private equity investors are playing an ever more important role.

Drawing on sharp foresight, proven industry knowledge, and deep and diverse functional expertise, PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& is dedicated to creating and delivering the essential advantage organisations need to thrive in a changing world.

How we help our clients

  • We assist clients in achieving maximum effectiveness in day-to-day business operations including commercial excellence, supply chain and manufacturing
  • We support our clients though all phases of the transaction processes; deal shaping, carve-out, signing through closing, and integration programme implementation
  • We help clients build competitive strategies for accessing, developing, and deploying new technology
  • We review the evolution of global chemical supply chains from the cracker to the end-market and plot the consequences for individual markets and companies