Defence and security

Financial cuts and budget compression in developed countries and regions are likely to continue for the future — meaning that if companies are to remain competitive, they must continue to be vigilant and to take executive action. Despite this, there has been positive news for the industry recently. Share values have continued to climb; several European countries have approved projects such as new shipbuilding and essential high-technology enhancements to fighter aircraft; and national governments are taking a keener interest in supporting their defence industrial capabilities.

However, government, the armed forces, and the defence industry face transformational challenges as they respond to the new dynamic trends of the 21st century:

  • Changes in the nature of war: Governments and armed forces are being increasingly challenged to develop complex, pan-agency coalition responses under the full spotlight of 24/7 media coverage.
  • Changes in the spectrum of conflict: These groups must intensify their focus on counterinsurgency missions, the protection of vulnerable communities, and the need to devise effective strategies to counter the proliferation of drugs, piracy, and weapons of mass destruction.
  • Changes in demands on technology: The defence industry must achieve information superiority and increase its speed of response, precision, and interoperability.
  • Changes in the provision of capability: Continuous improvement, spiral development, and cradle-to-grave management require new acquisition models and partnered approaches.

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Program managers and defense manufacturers frequently are caught between opposing imperatives: deliver increasingly capable and complex systems while simultaneously reducing costs.

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How we help our clients

  • PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& is an acknowledged leader in developing strategies and implementing programmes to help defence leaders realise their objectives. Our recent combination with PwC adds to our capabilities in implementing global projects from strategy through to execution.
  • Our seasoned professionals have experience in both the industrial and battle-space domains and can help you manage complexity by providing strategy and management support. We can help ensure that defence leaders avoid major transformation risks, such as running over budget, by using strategic spending perspectives, auditable cost-benefit analyses, and established procurement tactics. We will work with you to implement our recommendations at the coalface of your business.
  • Making the wrong investments at the wrong time can threaten defence modernisation programmes. Strategy& can scrutinise technology investments and help ensure that they are supportable, sustainable, and responsive to actual capability requirements.

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