Technology strategy

In recent years, companies have invested heavily in Information Technology (IT) while trying to maintain competitive parity and support robust growth. In the current economic environment, it is difficult to gauge accurately the value derived from IT and to identify the pragmatic options that will allow a business to segment risk and drive growth, while simultaneously streamlining costs and improving performance.

Without the right strategy, organisations have driven huge complexity into their IT infrastructures and created much confusion within their businesses. It should come as no surprise that executives remain unsure what exactly they are getting from the IT function and why their IT costs keep rising.

To approach these issues objectively, PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& takes a revolutionary view of IT as a business operating within a business, and addresses a focused agenda:

  • Structuring IT to support and enable business growth in line with the overall organisation’s business strategy through initiatives that drive improved efficiency and effectiveness. This approach requires IT executives to engage their firms in a dialogue about how and where IT drives the business.
  • Reducing IT cost and complexity, thereby minimising risk and challenging IT to "flex" better with the organisation rather than act as a fixed and increasing cost base.
  • Increasing the transparency into IT costs and performance. This allows the business to understand the value of what it is buying and to facilitate proper economic trade-offs between IT and non-IT spending.
  • Building IT into a business within a business. This means instituting world-class practices focused on pragmatic outcomes.

The digital future of creative Europe
Digitisation and the internet are often named as the root causes for some of the creative industries’ biggest problems - but a report released by Strategy&, and commissioned by Google Inc., has found that the vast majority of all growth generated in today’s creative industries is digital.

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How we help our clients

At Strategy&, we are dedicated to creating and delivering the essential advantage organisations require to maximise their IT return. Our capabilities to support this agenda span four areas:

  • IT strategy
  • Business value capture
  • IT operations and delivery
  • Technology architecture