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Concern over economic nationalism causing companies to re-think R&D investments
Annual worldwide corporate R&D spending exceeded $700bn for the last fiscal year amongst the top 1,000 global public companies, up 3% on the previous year1. However, R&D leaders around the world are increasingly concerned about economic nationalism, and its potential to impact where companies invest in R&D and more >

Over a third of major UK companies have appointed a digital transformation leader
London, June 21, 2017 – More than a third (35%) of the UK’s largest companies have appointed a dedicated digital leader to drive competitive advantage from digital transformation. This is significantly higher than the global average of 19%, which itself has trebled since 2015, when only 6% of companies1 around the world had appointed digital leaders, showing companies are realising the benefits of having someone in this more >

UK CEOs have less time than ever to make their mark
More than three-quarters (76%) of new UK CEOs who started in their roles last year have no previous experience as CEO of a public company, but they also have less time than ever before to make an impact. The average length of time the CEO of a large UK business spends in the job has hit a low of 4.8 years, dipping below the global average of five years for the first time, and down from a UK high of 8.3 years in 2010 .read more >

UK ranks eighth globally for corporate R&D spending, investing £16.5bn last year
UK companies invested £16.5 billion in research and development in the last fiscal year (ending June 2016), accounting for 4% of the global total (£446 billion) and ranking as the eighth highest investment by country. read more >

Connected vehicle market to grow threefold to £120bn by 2022
The race is on to succeed in the connected car market, as rapid technological advances and a fast-growing market continue to trigger shake-ups in the automotive industry. read more >

Global internet inclusion could lift 500m out of poverty, and add over $6trn to global GDP
Global inclusion in the internet could bring seven percent of the world’s population – 500 million people - above absolute poverty levels, and add US$6.7 trillion (£4.6 trillion) to global economic output, according to a new study by Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business. read more >

Plan to review, exploit and innovate in 2016: Strategy& report on oil and gas trends
22 January, 2016 – As oil and gas executives navigate one of the most volatile periods in the industry’s history, a new report by PwC’s Strategy& looks at three steps that could help deliver a ‘new normal’ within the maelstrom of change anticipated in 2016. read more >

Companies without a dedicated leader of digital transformation may lose competitive advantage
London, December 14, 2015 - Only 6% of the world’s top 1500 companies have appointed a chief digital officer (CDO) to oversee the digital transformation of their business, according to a new study from PwC’s strategy consulting business, Strategy&. The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study examined the world’s top 1500 public and private companies by revenue to determine how many have appointed a chief digital officer to plan and oversee the organisation’s digital transformation. read more >

Time for a renaissance in R&D spend: U.K. business and government can reverse the decline to secure long term competitive advantage
London, October 27, 2015 – The face of U.K. R&D investment is changing as globalisation makes it increasingly attractive for U.K. companies to redeploy their R&D spend globally. This issue is also affecting Europe which has fallen from first to third place for corporate R&D spending, as companies send corporate R&D offshore in search of higher growth markets, skilled labour, and more flexible operating environments. This is according to the newly release 2015 Global Innovation 1000 Study, from Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business, which uniquely examined the R&D footprint of 207 of the world’s largest corporate R&D spenders. read more >

By 2021 digital automotive applications will account for as much as 10% of new vehicle sales in the premium segment
London, September 18, 2015 – Connected mobility is becoming a central growth driver in the automotive industry. As early as next year the sales volume for the connected car segment will break through the £29 billion barrier, and will more than triple by 2021 to £89 billion. Connected-car applications will then, on average, account for 10% of all new vehicle sales in the premium segment. read more >

Companies put growth at top of their agenda, but most executives doubt current efforts will yield needed results
London, July 28, 2015 – Growth is a priority at nearly every company today. But most executives don’t have a clear view of how their companies will meet growth targets. read more >

Digital erosion — a myth all along?
London, May 21, 2015 – Digitisation and the internet are often cited as the root causes for some of the creative industries’ biggest problems — but a report released today by Strategy&, part of the PwC network, and commissioned by Google Inc., has found that the vast majority of all growth generated in today’s creative industries is digital. Effectively debunking the myth that the “for free” culture of the internet has led to a slowdown in growth and a loss of jobs in the European creative sector. read more >

Competition intensifies for UK used car providers as digitisation boosts price transparency and squeezes margins
London, May 15, 2015 – The UK’s used car market will need to undergo considerable change to keep up with buyers and sellers who are increasingly moving online allowing them access to greater information and pricing transparency prior to making a car purchase or sale, according to a report released today by global management consulting firm Strategy&, a member of the PwC network of firms. read more >

The Global Information Technology Report 2015 ranks the UK 8th out of 143 economies for networked readiness
London – May 7, 2015 – Advanced economies including the UK have yet to reach their full potential against information and communications technologies (ICT) which help drive social and economic transformation, according to the Global Information Technology Report 2015; co-published by the World Economic Forum, INSEAD and Cornell University, with the support of Strategy&, part of the PwC network. read more >

A forced CEO turnover costs a large company just over £1.2 Billion more in shareholder value than a planned turnover, according to Strategy& research
London, April 14, 2015 – CEO turnovers at big public companies are inevitable and rarely easy. But what is the cost? read more >

Now more than ever airport operators need to focus on their key capabilities or risk being left behind
London, February 17, 2015 – Today’s airports are coming under increasing pressure to deliver profit in spite of growing complexity across their business, according to a report released today by global management consulting firm Strategy&, a member of the PwC network of firms. read more >