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From Banksy to The Full Monty: City leaders must invest in creativity – The Guardian, 15th December 2013

A Booz & Company report, titled “The Digital Future of Creative U.K” was used to emphasise the importance of digital technology to the growth of the creative industries. “This means improving upload and download speeds, and investing in the digital education of our workforce.”
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ICB: maintaining momentum – ICIS, 13th December 2013

Richard Verity and Matthias Bäumler were quoted by ICIS as part of a roundtable discussing the chemicals industry. Discussing how companies could enhance their performance, Richard noted that “Those companies that are responsive do better than those who aren’t.” He added that the key is understanding the customer and designing appropriate segmentation strategies.
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Hull companies must embrace digital revolution to be successful says Government Minister Ed Vaizey – Hull Daily Mail, 20th November 2013

The Booz & Company report “This Is For Everyone” was specifically mentioned by Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries whilst visiting Hull and making the case for universal digitisation. Mr Vaizey said: “This is For Everyone, the Booz report launched in November last year, identifies that SMEs across the UK could gain as much as £18.8bn in incremental revenue if they were fully exploiting the web.”
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Squeeze on pay packets checks families spending power – FT, 14th November 2013

Richard Rawlinson was quoted discussing middle income spenders and the effect the economy had on their spending power. He said: “Taxes are up, social payments are down and the long-running squeeze on middle earners continues… There’s no new money for retailer and mass market consumer companies. Those that do well, benefit either from digital or from major improvements in efficiency and cost.”
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More than half UK's wealth untapped by wealth managers – Spear’s, 16th October 2013

Jorge Camarate was quoted discussing Wealth Management. He said, “This one-size-fits-all approach doesn't really work …If you look at the proposition of most financial firms, you don't see a basic segmentation of customers that have very different needs.”
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Changes threaten corporate IT leaders – FT, 4th October 2013

Richard Bhanap was featured in the Financial Times Connected Business section. Richard’s report notes that despite the importance that chief information officers place on business acumen, strategic thinking, and stakeholder management, the tension between effectively managing the cost of IT and creating business value remains their primary concern.
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“Empty Chairs”

The July-August 2013 edition of the British Airways inflight magazine Business Life talks about the developments in the role of a Chairman and quotes Booz & Company’s CEO study concerning the path from CEO to Chairman and the implications this has for a business.


The haves and the have-nots – The Economist, 13th July 2013

Booz & Company Chairman Joe Saddi was quoted in a piece by The Economist looking at oil in the Middle East. He suggested that Arabs should integrate their economies to cope with upcoming changes in the market.
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Digital divide widens in The Gambia – The Guardian, 10th June 2013

Analyses from Booz & Company were cited in an article discussing the importance, and difficulties, of digitisation in The Gambia. Booz & Company found that digitisation boosted world economic output by $193bn and created six million jobs over the past two years.
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“Business schools too busy to boost UK economy”

Richard Rawlinson co-authored the report entitled “The Role of UK Business Schools in Driving Innovation and Growth in the Domestic Economy,” which was launched in May 2013 by the Association of Business Schools (ABS) and the Minister for Universities. This report was quoted in an article in The Times Higher Education to show that many business schools are encouraged to recruit overseas students to remain financially sound, but that, as a result, business schools are too focused on this to generate research to help the UK economy.


Southern Europe slides back to ‘analogue dark age’ - The Telegraph May 24th 2013

In an article in the Telegraph in May, Victor Koss commented on the finding of Booz & Company’s 2012 Digitisation Index which showed that Eastern European firms are set to overtake the Southern European firms for the first time. Koss mentioned that the findings were unfortunate and said that they were the result of companies being scaled down, bought out or re-absorbed into their Northern European roots.


“Britain moves up global tech league table”

Partner Richard Bhanap commented on the findings of the 12th edition of The Global Information Technology Report, released on April 10, 2013 by the World Economic Forum. Bhanap used the findings of the report to show that the UK had moved up the technology development rankings because of Britain’s low broadband and mobile contract prices, high internet use and improving infrastructure. Booz & Company is a long-standing partner of the World Economic Forum and a partner of this year’s Global Information Technology Report.


“High rate of planned chief executive turnover suggests economic uncertainty is dissipating”

In an article published in City AM in April 2013, Booz & Company’s Chief Executive Study “Time for new CEOs: The 2012 chief executive study” was cited, demonstrating that chief executive successions came about predominately through internal company promotions and largely from the same country as the business headquarters.