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In the news 2011

"Top 10 Premium Content Articles of 2011"

At the end of 2011, Computer Weekly placed Booz & Company’s article on Web 2.0 –“Lead Now or Get out of the Way: IT’s role in a Web 2.0 World” - in its Top 10 Premium Content Articles of the year. The article argues that, as new media technologies spread rapidly through companies, often without IT's direct involvement, CIOs and their IT departments must take the lead and not lose control.


"Word of Mouth has Gone Global"

Partner Olaf Acker spoke to City AM on Wednesday 14 December 2011 on the question of Social CRM and why companies should incorporate it in their business strategy. Acker emphasised that it is vital to “build a relationship with clients in the age of the internet and rise of social brands”. He added that, “business who ignore it do so at their cost”.


"Access all areas - the project helping disadvantaged children into top universities"

On 9 September 2011, The Telegraph featured an article on Project Access - a scheme which aims to get disadvantaged students into Russell Group universities. Booz & Company, led by Partner Richard Verity, is involved in the project. Acting as mock examiner, Verity helped one particular student over a course of four sessions to prepare for an interview. Verity recalls that after a month's practice, "his answers showed what a compelling, highly intelligent young man he is". The student went on to win a place at Oxford University to study chemistry.


"The Four Types of CEOs"

Partner Richard Rawlinson wrote in the June 2011 edition of European CEO magazine about Booz & Company's annual CEO Succession Study. "As economic reform slows pace and we move into a new era of risk awareness, the danger at the top of the corporate ladder is less severe", writes Rawlinson; the study found that overall CEO turnover has declined. The article outlines four different management styles of a CEO, citing that operationally involved CEOs are found to have shorter tenure whereas, in contrast, CEO tenure at holding companies is on average a third longer.


"The Essential Advantage"

On 6 June 2011, Partners Cesare Mainardi and Paul Leinwand were interviewed by BBC World Service to discuss Capabilities Driven Strategy and The Essential Advantage. In a conversation with BBC's Peter Day, Mainardi and Leinwand discussed their ideas for turning companies around in difficult times, and how management consultancy came to have such an important place in business.


"Diageo moves to revamp structure"

Partner Richard Rawlinson spoke to The Financial Times on 26 May 2011 on Diageo, the international spirits group, shaking up operational structure as it moves into emerging markets. "The issue is what activities need to be managed close to the market and which ones centrally managed, either because of the need for integrated decision making or for economies of scale," said Rawlinson.


"Surprise Improvement in Retail Results"

Principal Jason Gordon spoke to the BBC Chief Economics Correspondent, Hugh Pym, on the most recent retail results, live on the lunchtime news on 21 April 2011.


"Social Volunteering"

On 31 January 2011, Partner Richard Verity wrote in HR Magazine about social volunteering: "Consultancies run on morale, not money. We have the know-how, relationships and enthusiasm". Verity admits that "social volunteering has not added a penny to our business but it turns hierarchies upside down". Booz & Company's Community Relations.


"Christmas Trading Results"

On 13 January 2011, Principal Jason Gordon spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live and live on BBC News 24 about the results, released by the UK's largest retailers, of Christmas trading. Gordon said that the "bad weather and Boxing Day falling on a Sunday meant that retailers had more problems than they expected" and quantified the impact of the snow at 0.5 percent of sales. However, he states that the "macro-economic effect of public sector job cuts, the VAT rise, and the underlying low level of consumer confidence are the bigger issues."


"VAT increase: shops could put up prices five to eight percent"

On 4 January 2011, Principal Jason Gordon is quoted in The Daily Telegraph: "From the retailers I've been speaking to, I expect prices to increase by between 5 percent and 8 percent. The majority of retailers will 'round up' rather than 'round down'. There have been so many years of price deflation, retailers need to move up prices to stay profitable. The pressure to increase prices has been building for some time, and that time has come now."


"Bold Predictions"

On 3 January 2011, Principal Luca Raffellini made predictions about what lies ahead in 2011 for the chemicals industry in ICIS Chemical Business. He forecasts that, "as chemical executives become entirely comfortable with the fundamentals of high crude prices and China-driven growth, overall demand in 2011 is set to trend gently upward after the anomalies of the last two years" and suggests that "M&A [merger and acquisition] activity and emboldened [private equity] firms will arbitrage the rest."