Booz & Co and Chance to Shine hold cricket tournament to unite inner city schools and empower children

London, 15 July 2010 – Booz & Company and the charitable campaign ‘Chance to Shine supported by Brit Insurance’ are holding an interschool cricket tournament at Regents Park today, involving schools from Islington, Hackney, Haringey and Westminster. This is a watershed moment for Chance to Shine.

Five years on from the launch of The Cricket Foundation’s Chance to Shine campaign – a programme which links cricket clubs with local primary and secondary schools to increase coaching and playing opportunities – Regents Park will play host to a competition involving eight schools and using a “hard-ball” (thus requiring the full equipment of pads, gloves and helmet).

Five of the eight schools participating in the tournament are academies from London boroughs with limited access to cricket pitches. None of the schools could claim strong cricket traditions prior to the launch of Chance to Shine in 2005. The charity – and its supporters - believe that cricket is a legitimate extension of education. The tournament provides an exciting opportunity for young people from across London to play hard-ball cricket.

Booz & Company is proud to be supporting this tournament. The company was a founding corporate supporter of Chance to Shine and has been steadily expanding its engagement both with the charity and one of the schools the charity supports. Booz & Company consultants have been involved in mentoring members of the Highbury Grove School cricket team – as one of a number of initiatives involving students and members of the staff.

Richard Verity, partner at Booz & Company commented “Cricket teaches children how to succeed and how to fail – both critical preparations for adult life.”

At the end of the competition trophies will be handed out by Lord Andrew Turnbull (former head of the Cabinet Office and now senior advisor to Booz & Company) and Mike Gatting (one of just four English cricket captains that have won the Ashes in the last forty years). The day will be a show-case of what can be achieved when schools, a charity and business comes together to help secure the future of our young people.

About Chance to Shine supported by Brit Insurance
Chance to Shine supported by Brit Insurance is one of the single biggest grass-roots sports development programmes ever undertaken in Britain. The campaign, run by independent registered charity The Cricket Foundation, aims to educate through cricket two million children and to establish regular coaching and competitive cricket opportunities in a third of state schools - 5,200 primary and 1,500 secondary schools - by 2015. To achieve this, £25million needs to be raised through private donors, which the Government, through Sport England, has pledged to match-fund. The charity receives financial and logistical support from the England and Wales Cricket Board, Slazenger, The Lord’s Taverners and Marylebone Cricket Club. Further details and ways to donate can be found at