Q: When you joined PwC's Strategy&?

A: 2002

Q: Why Strategy&?

A: I joined Strategy& because of the people — they were really smart but at the same time down to earth, individual and fun. And the people continue to be a big part of what keeps me here—I’m continually amazed by the generosity of colleagues to help out way beyond expectations, and by our ability to team across global geographies to tackle any challenge successfully.

The career development and flexibility also play a big part. As a Senior Consultant, Strategy& supported me to undertake an industry secondment with a Consumer Healthcare company, and then sponsored me to complete my MBA at INSEAD. In addition, the meritocratic and transparent career path allows you to progress rapidly.

The reason I stay? I still have so much to learn — every project is still unique with a steep learning curve. Furthermore, the role of a consultant changes significantly over time — you start by learning how to structure and analyse problems and how to communicate compellingly, then you learn how to manage complex projects, teams and clients, and finally how to become a firm leader and client adviser. I can’t think of another career where you develop such a broad skill set so quickly.

Q: What's been your most rewarding project to date?

A: With over 10 years of projects behind me, this is a tricky one! Although I started by working across a variety of industries, healthcare has always been my passion and is where I now focus. Probably my most challenging and rewarding project was working with a pharmaceutical company which was the first company to properly address a fast-growing sales channel in the industry. Over 12 weeks we worked with Strategy& colleagues from 21 countries around the world to assess the global market opportunity and to develop a commercial strategy and capability set for the client. My job was to manage the global project — quite a logistical and team challenge when working with colleagues and clients from China to Chile! The client has now fully implemented our recommendations in over 60 countries and has seen significant sales return.

Q: Beyond Strategy&

A: The colleagues who I started with have gone onto a wide variety of interesting careers from setting up their own businesses and charities, to senior roles in industry and private equity, to promising political careers. Strategy& provides a fantastic kick-start to any future career, whatever you decide to do.