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The Agency of the Future | eSIM – Cutting the Last Cord | Digital Autos

It’s time, once and for all, to look at the evolution and disruption in the Telecoms, Media and Technology space and to see it for what it is — opportunity. Whether these shifts are driven by changing business models, competitive pressure, or transformation in consumer needs and demands, when approached with intention, they present a shot at getting ahead.

In Agency of the future: Next-generation operating models for marketing agencies we lay out a roadmap to help agencies rethink operating models, improve integration, and take a more active role in day-to-day strategic operations to successfully transform. In Cutting the last cord: How the “disappearing” SIM card will liberate the consumer and scramble telco roles we examine the evolving landscape and vacuum that will be left when SIM cards go virtual and offer guidance on how device OEMs and telecom operators can strategically respond to the new world order.

In our sixth annual Strategy& Digital Auto Report, we discovered that while the digital auto revolution is a US$2.2 trillion opportunity, OEMs, suppliers, and dealers in the U.S. and E.U. will see their share of industry profits cut in half from today’s model. OEMs will need to rethink and reconfigure strategy to successfully forge ahead in the mobility market.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss these actionable insights—as well as the goals and objectives your company has planned for the year ahead.

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Fast and Furious
Strategy& viewpoint
OEMs, suppliers, and dealers will see their share of industry profits cut to just half, from a current 85% share, by 2030 as the digital auto revolution creates intense competition and squeezes margins. Chief executives will have to make tough choices between becoming “thin specialists” or going broad in the mobility market.

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February, 2015
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