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The time to innovate is now: The future of Telecom, E&M, and Tech

It’s said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” but perhaps the saying should be “necessity is the mother of innovation.” The telecommunications ,entertainment and media, and technology industries are rapidly evolving. Profitable companies are taking note and adjusting their business models accordingly, innovating to stay on top. Is your company keeping up?

It’s not enough to simply recruit a diverse group of individuals — although that is a critical first step. Leaders also need to build teams where different talents, experiences, and perspectives are brought together to tackle complex problems.

In our 2017 Telecommunications Trends, we propose that companies must simplify and digitize their operations, and re-assess their strategic identities to compete with the over-the-top players – starting with the core connectivity business as the essential foundation for growth. Our 2017 Entertainment and Media Trends makes the case for a fan-focused approach to content, distribution, and user experience as a profitable path forward in this hypercompetitive industry. In telecoms, we see an industry that is at the tipping point to being commoditized. In our 2017 Technology Trends, we examine how the “Big Five” tech companies will continue to dominate but are also branching out into new businesses amidst rising disruption from the "Next 20" and "Chinese Challengers."

There is no rest for the weary. Going forward, as in the past, the profitable companies will be the ones that rise to meet the challenge of innovation. Businesses must modernize, reinvest, and rethink operating models, and double-down where they find competitive advantage to retain a strategic edge.

The time to innovate is now.

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2017 Telecommunications Industry Trends
Strategy& viewpoint
Senior executives at telecommunications companies around the world have heard for several years that their industry is approaching a tipping point. The time has come to choose the businesses where you have a competitive edge and focus your strategy on them. You could become “the quality-of-service company,” “the ultimate cybersecurity company,” “the most innovative internet company,” or the avatar of some other powerfully charged strategic telecom identity.
2017 Entertainment and Media Trends
Strategy& viewpoint
As the entertainment and media (E&M) industry transitions to a more direct-to-consumer world, those companies that fully embrace a fan-centric approach to their business and how it functions will emerge as the new leaders. Making this transformation will require significant changes and investments across the entire enterprise. But for those E&M companies that make fans the center of everything they do, the returns will be substantial. Read more about this topic in the strategy+business article: How to Make Entertainment and Media Businesses “Fan”-tastic.
2017 Technology Trends
Strategy& viewpoint
As fast as the technology industry has been moving recently, we expect it to continue to be dominated by the “Big Five”: Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. Their platform strength, large cash positions, and ability to attract top talent have enabled them to compete against all technology-focused organizations. But competition is increasing, from other tech firms, from companies outside the traditional tech sector boundaries, and, perhaps most aggressively, from five increasingly international “Chinese Challengers”—Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei,, and Tencent.

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