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June 2015

The revival of the fixed infrastructure

In this issue, you'll find articles on how telecom operators must adapt to succeed in the digital age, investing in the right infrastructure and building the required capabilities to efficiently bring to market products and services required by their customers.

Our goal: to give you fresh new insights into current and future developments that will affect your business in the coming months and years, and how best to devise the strategies and build the capabilities needed to benefit from them. Please feel free to contact us with comments, questions, and ideas for future articles.

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Managing the corporate segment in the digital era
Strategy& viewpoint
Telecommunications operators are under increasing pressure from corporate customers to offer advanced digital/information and communications technology (ICT) services. To meet this demand, they need a disciplined go-to-market strategy that evaluates, ranks, and pursues digital/ICT solutions based on market potential, capabilities required, and fit with their current portfolio.

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February, 2015
Our articles are linked by an overriding theme dominating strategic thinking among telecom operators: digitization.