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February 2015

2015 Telecommunications Trends

In this issue, our articles are linked by an overriding theme dominating strategic thinking among telecom operators: digitization.

Our goal: to give you fresh new insights into current and future developments that will affect your business in the coming months and years, and how best to devise the strategies and build the capabilities needed to benefit from them.

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2015 Telecommunications Trends
Strategy& viewpoint
Wired and wireless carriers confront a rapidly shifting technology landscape in which small steps toward digitization are no longer enough.
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Strategy& viewpoint
As telecom operators move ever more rapidly into the age of digitization, a growing number of them are appointing high-level executives to lead the charge: Chief Digital Officers (CDOs). Their charge is to gather the cross-functional expertise and capabilities needed to take advantage of their companies’ privileged position as enablers of the digital revolution. A Strategy& survey of more than 100 telecom operators conducted in 2014 offers insight into the number of firms that have done so (22 percent), their backgrounds and place in the corporate organization, and the way they perceive their role.
Battle for the cloud
Strategy& viewpoint
The study ranks the 50 largest publicly held business-to-business suppliers of digitization-related products, services, and infrastructure. This year, cloud computing, digital fabrication, and the "Internet of things" are transforming how companies build and manage their IT. Industry leaders at the forefront of these trends have already gained a competitive edge.

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