Peter von Hochberg

Peter von Hochberg


Peter von Hochberg is a leading practitioner in supply-chain management strategies for Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business. He is a Managing Director Strategy& Germany, based in Düsseldorf. He has broad experience in supply chain and manufacturing work in many industries, from discrete manufacturing to process industries. His client base ranges from automotive to machinery, process, and services.

Selected examples of his client work include:

  • A restructuring program for a plant that produces air-plant components: This included site layout, lean process design and shop floor organization, and a redesign of the whole supply-chain, including sourcing in low-cost countries.
  • A plant-management assignment for a leading provider of on-road electronic appliances: The team assumed crucial day-to-day management responsibilities to ramp up a greenfield plant in a time-critical situation and to ensure maximum output to meet a tight shipment deadline and required volumes.
  • A manufacturing-site optimization for a large industry client in Germany to create a lean production system, including designing new material and information flows, layout changes, and a new management concept to drive continuous improvement.
  • A core-process redesign program for an automotive client in Europe in order generation (R&D, engineering, sales and marketing) and order fulfillment. This included aggressive performance targets for each business process, benchmark based process redesign, implementation management, system adjustments and creation of balanced score cards. The client achieved substantial performance increases in throughput time and quality across all processes and significant cost reductions in all enterprise areas.
  • A restructuring program for a process industry customer in Germany, which included redesigning the plant footprint, streamlining the supply chain, and restructuring the individual production site.

A recognized thought leader, Peter von Hochberg has contributed to several studies, including a strategy+business article, entitled "Manufacturing Myopia," a strategy+business reader, entitled "Manufacturing Realities: Breaking the Boundaries of Conventional Practice," and a Strategy& study, entitled "A new take on business process redesign."

Before joining Strategy& in 2003, he was executive vice president of software start-up Questrix Inc., based in California and Europe, and spent 14 years with McKinsey & Co. as a partner of the firm's operations practice.

Peter von Hochberg holds a master’s in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a masters in economics from University of Bonn.

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