Chucrallah Haddad

Chucrallah Haddad


Chucrallah Haddad is a Partner with Strategy& and a member of the firm’s Public Sector practice.

He has over 11 years of consulting experience and has worked with clients in a variety of sectors and geographies on projects including turnaround strategies, organization and restructuring, large-scale transformation, and socioeconomic development plans. Chucrallah contributed to the development of the public sector platform in the Middle East. He led a number of large assignments in public administration modernization, public policy strategy, and overall government planning and restructuring.

His clients include key ministries and prime ministry offices in a number of Middle Eastern countries, where he helped design and implement restructuring plans. One example of his recent assignments is the establishment of the prime minister’s office and the development of a national strategy for a major GCC country.

Chucrallah holds a master’s degree in management from HEC, Paris, and a bachelor’s degree in communication engineering from ESIB, Beirut.