UK Shopper’s Apparel Purchasing

An infographic demonstrating the UK Apparel Purchasing trends, comparing the various demographics within the UK when looking at spend, type of apparel and shopping habits.

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UK Shopper’s Apparel Purchasing
50-64 year olds are the largest reported spenders,

Female Male

Contrary to popular opinion,

with 66% of those asked saying that they shop a few times a month on average Of the

the majority of men indicate that they go shopping more than once or twice a season they shop on a 75% say weekly or monthly basis they shop once 25% believe or twice a season of men admit to researching their clothing online as opposed to in-store

18-49 year olds
questioned, over half say they prefer to shop online as opposed to in-store


a month

of all women surveyed say that they visit an out of town outlet 2-3 times


18-29 year olds
say that they are most likely to research their clothing using a portable device

Combined Data Trends
Across all genders and ages;
50-64 year old women have the highest reported spend on clothing… …closely followed by 30-34 year old men

A move towards digital
The majority of people admit that they prefer to research their clothing online

50% desktop

4% mobile 9% tablet


Mature men and women, aged 50-64, are the largest reported spenders across apparel and footwear
On average, men say that they spend more money on apparel than women, but women admit to spending more on footwear
Online refers to desktop, mobile phone or tablet use

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