Sustainable strategic transformation: Leveraging capabilities to develop and sustain your right to win

America’s electric power and gas utilities are entering a time of dramatic change. They will need strategies to compete in a distinctive fashion and to gain performance leadership. The most successful strategies are built around distinctive capabilities: the things your company does so well that, taken together, they establish its “right to win” in the market. Business transformation programs that are based on core strategy enable companies to assess, enhance, and acquire these capabilities. But many transformation programs fail to be sustained; the organization simply waits for the initiative to pass over like a storm cloud. The road map for a successful program consists of several different elements working together: a way to play (or strategy); a capabilities system applied to every part of the portfolio; and a transformation program with nine critical enabling factors. These factors are associated with the company’s people and culture, operational excellence, and execution. When a transformation program leverages these enabling factors, the company stands a better chance that its new strategy will be implemented—and it will gain a long-term competitive advantage based on its evolving high-performance identity.