Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Trends 2011

The Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales Survey 2011 was designed to take the “industry temperature” with respect to current challenges, and to understand how industry leaders plan to overcome those challenges in the next several years. Booz & Company and National Analysts Worldwide collaborated to gather and analyze online survey results from more than 150 pharmaceutical executives. This set of slides presents the findings: 68% of respondents believe that the current pharmaceutical model is broken and needs significant repair, most see major challenges ahead, many expect sales-force time for their products to decrease, and they expect to shift their spending from an emphasis on physicians to nontraditional stakeholders. They also expect to rely more on innovative pricing, payor collaboration, pharmacoeconomic studies, and new service models – along with social media and other new technologies. Less than half of all respondents have engaged with payors on their products prior to Phase III.