Infographic: Companies spend money and time at odds with their own strategy

This infographic draws on results from Strategy&'s survey of 511 executives from companies of various sizes and from around the globe and from a full range of industries. The online survey asked 25 questions on the topics of business strategy and priorities, alignment of resources with strategy and critical capabilities, and alignment and focus of the organization. Executives across industries and regions report that their company spends money and time at odds with their own strategy.

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Companies spend money and time at odds with their own strategy: Fit for Growth* Index Profiler results
Strategy& surveyed more than 500 executives from companies of all sizes around the world to understand how well they align their strategy and cost agenda. Here is what we found:

Most companies’ strategies are surprisingly unclear
Of the executives surveyed ...

83% 74% 78%

... said their strategy is not well understood across the organization. ... said their strategy is not often enough translated into specific measures.

... said their company does not have the capabilities required to win.

A majority of companies allocate time and resources without using a strategic perspective
Of the executives surveyed ...

... said that lower-priority initiatives receive more than their fair share of funding.

49% 81%
... said management's time allocation is often driven by forces other than the company's strategic objectives. ... said their company cuts costs in reaction to external events or pressure, not because they have a culture of continuous improvement.

Organizational issues make the problem harder to solve
Of the executives surveyed ...

... said that funding gets channeled to critical initiatives in an ad hoc or informal manner.


... said their organization’s culture is at odds with their strategic imperatives.


... said the appraisal process has no clear consequences for managers who fail to support the company's strategic objectives.


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