Infographic: 2015 Auto Industry trends

The main challenge facing the automotive industry is the unevenness of the global automotive market. This infographic highlights conditions in the main regions and the trends affecting the automotive industry in 2015.

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Automotive perspective 2015
The main challenge is that the global automotive market is uneven

enjoying robust forecasts of 16 million cars, up from 13 million in 2008

North America is

South America –

Sales have plunged in

down by about 15 percent in August 2014

Europe is weaker as the region is emerging from a six-year slump
Though the UK bucks this trend – here car manufacturing volumes are on course to break all-time records by 20171

Sales have plunged in Russia – down by 25 percent in August 2014

Meanwhile, the Indian market’s performance has been inconsistent

And growth in China – the world’s largest vehicle market – has slowed, even though investments by most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which are betting big on future demand, continue to ramp up

Trends a ecting the automotive industry
Increased electronics and software content
Cost of electronics and software is


of the cost 10 years ago

Electronics systems contribute


of innovations and new features

Timeframe for new vehicle launches is 3–4 years, the cycle for new vehicle software is measured in months

Increasing regulatory requirements
U.S. CAFE standards come into e ect in 2016 New regulations to ensure vehicles must now average 34.1 miles per gallon

Next generation platforms and platform modularisation
OEMs are

Consolid a

of suppl n o ie ti


increasing model choice


decreasing vehicle architecture

meaning common components can be produced in greater numbers, more cheaply

meaning there are smaller numbers of larger global players

Changing face of retail
utilising online
Greater numbers of customers

Customers expect a seamless service
across purchasing decisions, financing, and insurance


According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
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