2015 Strategy& Growth Survey Infographic

Companies put growth at the top of their agenda, but most executives doubt that current efforts will yield needed results. These are the highlights of the Strategy& 2015 growth survey with more than 500 executives globally. 

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Companies put growth at the top of their agenda, but executives doubt current e orts will yield needed results
Companies have very high growth ambitions 94%

of executives say growth is a company priority

of executives say their companies’ growth targets are in line with or above their industries’ growth rates

But executives lack confidence in achieving those growth targets
of executives only say they’re


of executives say they


of respondents believe it is going to take

highly confident their companies will realize their growth targets

do not think their leaders are “excellent” at driving growth

companies are doing now is just not enough

significant extra e ort to realize their companies’ growth targets – what

Growth is very di cult to achieve in this hypercompetitive environment
70% 74% 66% 33% 34% 37% 39%
of executives say it’s more difficult now than 10 years ago to generate profitable growth agree that there are more growth opportunities now than there were 10 years ago

say knowing which growth avenue to pursue is harder than it was 10 years ago

Chasing growth — as many companies do — often leaves them spread thin

of executives are frustrated because their companies continue to pursue growth initiatives that have proven not to work are frustrated because they have to pursue many growth opportunities in parallel, none of them significant enough to make a difference are concerned that their growth focus may erode the positives of the company culture are concerned that the pursuit of growth is spreading the company too thin

In the search for growth, a company often launches a broad set of initiatives. But this spreads resources too thin, leaves potentially viable growth paths under-resourced, and prevents the company from building the type of advantage that leads to long-term growth. The result? Companies may experience a temporary revenue boost, but the gains are almost never sustainable.

The way out of the growth trap
Consistent growth is the result of building a growth engine — a handful of capabilities that provide real di erentiation in the market. From there, growth becomes the result of leveraging that advantage again and again, rather than searching for growth and then trying to find a path to create a right to win.
Based on 2015 Strategy& survey with 500+ respondents globally

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