Shoppers on the go: Winning strategies in mobile commerce

Published: November 22, 2010

A new Strategy& study highlights the growing importance of mobile commerce as a way both to understand real-time consumer behavior data and to utilize in-the-moment analysis to capture market share and influence consumer purchases in real time. The highest-value consumers are looking for a coherent multi-channel shopping experience that encompasses online, mobile, social, and in-store components. Successful retailers are taking real advantage of these customer preferences to create engaging experiences on mobile devices that, in turn, drive customer interaction and high levels of loyalty — all the while collecting massive amounts of data. But data is not the end — it will quickly become table stakes as creative retailers and e-tailers continue to harness these rapidly evolving technologies into a new form of real-time marketing and greater influence on shopping behavior.


Mobile commerce is growing at an explosive rate.

Billions of retail sales dollars are already being influenced by mobile technologies.

Influencing shopper decisions across all channels is the true prize for retailers in today’s mobile market.

Mobile strategy should be tailored to the unique attributes of the business and a deep understanding of the capabilities that drive value.

Static, high-level segments and data are being replaced with dynamic marketing driven by real-time, personal data as the physical and the digital converge.


Shoppers on the go: Winning strategies in mobile commerce