Beyond the hospital walls: Post-acute care opportunities and strategies

By: Igor Belokrinitsky, Minoo Javanmardian, Jo Lim  | Published: November 10, 2015

With every healthcare provider in the U.S. moving to some form of value-based care, post-acute assets and capabilities will become a more integral part of any strategy. Delivering consistently high outcomes at a predictable cost will require providers to exert greater control over the post-acute elements of the healthcare continuum, which is where a lot of the cost is consumed and a lot of the variability is introduced. Although in the past, post-acute assets and capabilities have not always been mission critical to the core business of running a healthcare facility, a coherent post-acute program supports the overall enterprise strategy rather than distracting from it. Post-acute services can help advance an organization’s mission, create better outcomes and experience, optimize capacity, and unlock new profit pools.

Playing in this space, however, requires resources, scale, and know-how. In this report, we examine what it takes for a healthcare organization to craft a coherent, differentiated, and sustainable post-acute strategy for the value-based world. The organization should begin the process with an evaluation of its own priorities and strengths, and then determine how it can best meet the needs and realities of the external market.

Beyond the hospital walls


Beyond the hospital walls: Post-acute care opportunities and strategies