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February 2016

Portfolio management and other strategies for competitive advantage

2016 promises to be a year of increased market volatility for global companies. While 2015 ended with a record-breaking volume of M&A transactions and more than $4 trillion, this year begins with the worst market rout and a fall in value of global stocks of more than $2 trillion. Many CPG firms face a difficult scenario with the continued slowdown in China’s economic output. Moreover, a stronger dollar has depressed earnings in key emerging markets. On the other hand, interesting opportunities have arisen with the lifting of trade sanctions in Iran, bringing the possibility of a new market.

In this issue, we bring you some of the best thought leadership we’ve published in recent months to help your company navigate this challenging outlook and make the most out of the opportunities that might arise.

Featured Foresights

An appetite for M&A
Strategy& viewpoint
Food companies, faced with challenging market forces, are changing their strategic approach to growth. This is underscored by a focus on capabilities as a driver of how to operate their businesses for competitive advantage. For winning companies, this focus on capabilities is informing their growth path, including how they approach mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.
Navigating Retail’s Last Mile
To serve online shoppers effectively, companies need to make complex trade-offs among speed, variety, and convenience.
CPG and retail: Natural allies in emerging economies
Strategy& viewpoint
Emerging markets offer consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms and retailers great untapped potential for profit. Yet the two sectors often act as rivals. Shelf-centered collaboration – collaborative analytics infrastructure and management practices based on point-of-sale data shared by CPG firms and retailers – already exists around the world. It yields dramatic benefits wherever it is applied, especially when linked with strategy. Because there isn’t yet much experience with it in emerging economies, collaboration of this sort has particularly high-leverage potential.

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