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Is your organization prepared for transformation? New Strategy& perspective

We discuss how leadership can accelerate transformation success. To carry out large-scale transformations successfully, businesses need transformation capabilities that are truly distinctive.

We then outline 10 principles of organizational design CEOs should follow to get reorganizations right the first time. These guidelines allow companies to reshape their organizations to fit their strategies, not the other way around.

Finally, with three video soundbites, we illustrate how you can use smart strategy and take your transformation "from paper to pavement." The transformation success stories of iconic companies are fueled by capabilities, making these companies so powerful that they're actually influencing and reshaping entire industries.

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10 Principles of Organization Design
In turbulent times, your strategy matters more than ever. Yet more than two-thirds of executives say they don't have what they need to execute their strategy. The world's greatest companies weather adversity and uncertainty by operating from their core strengths. A strategy built on differentiating capabilities helps you outpace the competition, achieve faster growth, and earn the right to win.

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March, 2015
How can organizations manage increased complexity? And what roles do a business' capabilities and its leadership play in solving the complexity puzzle?