Hanna Nikoskelainen
Hanna Nikoskelainen

Hanna’s Story

  • Joined the Firm in 2008
  • Master of Science (Economics), Helsinki School of Economics



Before my consulting life, I spent five exciting years with some of the leading brands in the world (e.g. Danone and Nivea) working in strategic marketing, both in Finland but also in the global headquarters.

A memorable work experience

You could easily ask which one? I’ve enjoyed many memorable moments during my time at Strategy& from Day 1 when I jumped on a plane and started working with 20 great colleagues around Europe in a major cost enhancement program for a global retailer to spending weekends in Chicago shopping while staffed on a project that was one of the starting points for our Capabilities Driven Strategy thinking to spontaneous karaoke evening one Tuesday with fellow colleagues from our Helsinki office and across Europe.

Why Strategy&

What appealed to me in Strategy& were the truly international operating model and the way of working. Another key factor were the people, you rarely find such an inspiring – and fun! – group of colleagues.

Beyond Strategy&

Despite the many hours spent flying while working in projects abroad, I still love to travel!