We recruit students from top-tier business schools, graduate and undergraduate programs around the world for full-time and internship positions in many of our international offices. Business-level fluency in the language of the region you want to work in is required.

Our fast-growing, market-changing, global business is perfect for those who love to learn. You’ll be surrounded by opportunities to gain wide-ranging core consulting skills plus deep expertise in an industry or function you’re passionate about. Diverse colleagues will share a wealth of knowledge and experience. An on-the-job apprenticeship model will speed your development. Formal professional training will boost your confidence and credibility. And the chance to work internationally will fuel your long-term growth. As a springboard to exciting career opportunities and a lifelong network of inspirational colleagues, PwC's Strategy& is exceptional.

Thank you for your interest in Strategy&.

Available positions in Stockholm and Helsinki


We offer internships for undergraduate and MBA students. These internships are usually 6-12 weeks long and are offered throughout the year (preferably in late spring/early summer).

We will offer the Intern

  • Introduction to core consulting skills at one of the top management consulting firms globally
  • Unique opportunity to work on customer assignments as a project team member
  • Possibility to join Strategy& as a full-time employee after the internship

An internship at Strategy& means that you will work as an Associate (previously Senior Consultant), and a real team member, on client assignments. Typically, you will conduct various business analyses, do financial modeling and client interviews, prepare sections of client reports, and participate in client and team meetings.

The recruiting process for an internship is as rigorous as the recruiting process for a full-time position, since the aim of the internship is to evaluate the candidate and, if possible, to offer him or her a full-time position by the end of the internship. Therefore the same qualifications (except for completion of MSc degree) are required as for an Associate. Please note that we require business level fluency in English and the local Nordic language in the country where you wish to work.

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To apply to Stockholm email your application (CV, cover letter, and high school and university grades) to [email protected] (subject title: Internship).

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(Previously Senior Consultant)

The Associate position is the entry level role in the Nordic offices for university graduates or to those with 1-2 years of work experience. You will work in an international setting with challenging and exciting work, helping to solve the toughest challenges our clients face. You will be surrounded with people who will not only challenge you intellectually, but also inspire and guide you, drive your ambition, and care about your personal and professional development.

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To apply to Stockholm email your application (CV, cover letter, and high school and university grades) to [email protected] (subject title: Associate).

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Senior Associate

(Previously Associate)

Senior Associates join Strategy& either from completing their MBA or with 3-5 years of relevant work experience. You will work with clients through all stages of consulting projects: identifying the major issues that the client is facing, generating hypotheses against those issues, structuring and performing analyses, identifying creative but pragmatic options against the identified issues, developing conclusions, making strategic recommendations, and then developing plans to operationalize the agreed strategy. As a Senior Associate, you are often end to end responsible for a work stream within the project working directly with Strategy& and client team members. You will get the opportunity to manage client team members and/or a team of consultants and you will work across a variety of industries and functional areas in a dynamic international setting often at the client site.

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To apply to Stockholm email your application (CV, cover letter, university grades, and references) to [email protected] (subject title: Senior Associate).

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