Per Hannover

Per Hannover

Senior Executive Advisor,


Twenty years in management consulting with McKinsey & Company and as a partner with Accenture. Before that, two years with investment banks in the United Kingdom and Japan

A memorable work experience

There are numerous, but the most recent is a major organizational change program for a leading food retailer. Working closely with the entire top management team and an international Strategy& team, we supported the reorganization of the company to improve speed, efficiency and effectiveness. The program was recognized both by management and employees as one of the most impactful and best change efforts completed within the company.

Why Strategy&

Strategy& offers numerous entrepreneurial opportunities and being part of building an office is very rewarding. Furthermore, the Firm has a strong position in the Consumer & Retail industry, and working closely with leading companies in this industry with colleagues from around the world is fascinating and inspiring. Servicing Nordic clients by leveraging our presence and unique capabilities in, for example, the US, China, India and the Middle East, is in my view when Strategy& is at its best.

Beyond Strategy&

Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my family, running and skiing.