Community involvement

PwC's Strategy& feel strongly connected with society. Taking responsibility is an integral part of our work and deeply rooted in the philosophy of our company. Both internationally and locally we frequently apply our expertise and experience for nonprofit ends. Our commitment is not limited to material aid, but consists mainly of social responsibility. Under these so-called pro bono projects we support different organizations with which we are good at: providing strategic advice and support in implementation.

Strategy& developed a new concept for Madurodam. With the new structure, the family park attraction is able to develop new activities from which different charities will benefit, because the park donates all its profits.

Strategy& is actively involved in the organization Giving Back. This foundation supports proven talented and ambitious students, who have less perspective because of their social background.

Strategy& also assists various organizational issues of the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. This is a national organization that raises funds for a growing number of higher educated refugees to support them during their studies and finding a job.

Regularly we have colleagues working for the TBL Mirror Fund, which provides Venture Capital for East African Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.This way promising African companies are able to benefit from our strategic knowledge.

Strategy& has helped the Rijksmuseum with the development of a new strategy.

For the Special Olympics Strategy& has also developed the strategy. For example, we worked closely with the board of the Special Olympics in the strategic planning until 2010.

Strategy& has helped the United Nations to investigate how international aid organizations can work together better for disasters. Worldwide there are several recent green initiatives. For example, creating a framework for the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism in Sharm el Sheik. Cooperation with the World Economic Forum to the ICT sector to encourage more energy-neutral ICT solutions.

And the Green City initiative to create a new urban infrastructure to develop future emissions of CO ² drastically reduce.

Recently, Strategy& helped the VoorUit foundation to develop a sustainable growth strategy. VoorUit stimulates integration in welfare challenged districts by making students part of the neighbourhood (offering them an apartment free of charge in return for society work). Strategy& has supported them on a pro-bono basis to take the necessary steps to become an even more successful and sustainable foundation in Amsterdam.

Finally, several colleagues from Strategy& participated in the annual Dam to Dam run and City Swim, to raise money for local charity.