Business case prep

Interview process

The interview process at PwC's Strategy& Amsterdam will generally be conducted over two rounds. Each round consists of three interviews of one hour each. All interviews involve some time dedicated to a general discussion about your background. We will ask questions about leadership, team skills and other experiences and we will test your motivation for consulting in general and Strategy& specific. A case discussion will follow, where we try to understand how you go about analysing real-world business problems. We also try to reserve the last 5-10 minutes for any questions you may have.

A case is a scenario modelled after a real business situation or management problem. It is usually based on a real client engagement that the interviewer has worked on. The case portion of the interview is an opportunity for you to show us how you think about solving complex business problems, and how you structure your thoughts on these issues.

The case discussion makes up about half of the interview time. The best preparation is to practice as many case scenarios as possible, talking aloud with a partner and generating defensible hypotheses and solutions.