Global Digital Operations 2018 Survey

The second global Industry 4.0 study by PwC's Strategy& determines the digital maturity of companies: compared to its EMEA neighbours, Dutch companies demonstrate a sound level of corporate culture to enable digital transformation.

Digital operations maturity

Industry 4.0 projects will remain at the top of the economic and political agenda in 2018. But how does the Netherlands fare in the international comparison of Industry 4.0 and which technologies are decisive for the path to digital transformation? What factors are important to become a digital pioneer in operations?

PwC’s Strategy& interviewed 1,155 manufacturing executives in 26 countries to develop an index that ranks companies by digital operations maturity. The second edition of our global Industry 4.0 study takes a look behind the scenes of manufacturing companies and provides answers from Dutch and international managers from the manufacturing industry.

Based on the study data, we were able to create a sweeping portrait of Digital Champions — companies that have taken digitization to the highest degree — and assess what it takes to be a Digital Champion through the lens of the four essential ecosystems they must master and orchestrate.

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The authors of the study, Dr. Reinhard Geissbauer and Stefan Schrauf, partners at PwC’s Strategy&, present the central study results on the following subjects/questions:

  • Digital champions: What distinguishes global digital champions from middle-ranking companies?
  • Mediocre or meteoric: How has APAC established its leading position in many categories, and where is EMEA lagging behind the global trailblazers?
  • Cashing out: What increases in turnover and efficiency do managers expect from digital technologies in the next 5 years?
  • Man or machine: What will the factory of the future look like and how can companies create digital ecosystems?

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