What is your background?

After growing up in Groningen, I moved to Amsterdam and started a Bachelor in Psychology and Psychobiology. I specialized in Neuroscience during my research master. During the last year of my Masters, I was an intern at a start-up in neuromarketing, where they apply different brain imaging techniques to understand and predict consumer behavior.

Why consulting?

Throughout my studies, I realized I am more interested in seeing ideas have an impact in the real world, rather than focusing on a specific topic during a PhD. Moreover, I think of strategy consulting as a kick-start of my career. Whatever you want to do in the future, in this job you will get the chance to explore different industries while gaining all sorts of experiences and skills, and get to work with ambitious people from all over the world.

Why Strategy&?

During a recruiting event where I got the chance to see five strategy consulting companies within one week, I was able to clearly distinguish between the different firms. Something that struck me the most, was the down-to-earth attitude and enthusiasm of all the people working at Strategy&. Moreover, the opportunities given to work on projects that have a social impact, for example in the health sector or on a pro bono project, was another important reason for me to apply for a job at Strategy&.

What do you like most about your job?

Looking back at my first six months, it has been an intense but very rewarding first job so far. I have already been able to work on three completely different projects, within three different industries (health, retail and consumer, and financial services). Not knowing what you will be working on next month or even next week, makes it a roller coaster ride, which for me is the best part of this job. In addition to the work, all the social events, such as the ski trip and consultant outing, makes this job a lot of fun as well!

Which project was your most interesting project and why?

Currently I am working on a project within financial services, where we are involved in defining the strategy for a large Dutch bank. It is a very interesting project because both quantitative and qualitative skills are needed to come up with the right answer. For me, with no background in finance whatsoever, this is an opportunity to learn a lot. Moreover, the clear impact of this project, even resulting in something we will probably read in the newspaper in a few weeks, makes it very rewarding.

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