What is your background?

I studied Economics and International Business in Poland, my home country. During my studies, I worked for a local branch of Deutsche Bank as an advisor to business and small corporate clients. I came to Amsterdam through AIESEC, to do an internship at ABN AMRO and stayed for three years working on multiple projects to roll out a strategic change program in the international Private Banking network. I then joined UBS in Zurich where I worked on finding a viable solution to address changing regulation and streamline some of the bank’s key revenue streams. I joined Strategy& after completing my MBA at INSEAD.

Why consulting?

During my work, I quickly realized that what I enjoy most are those initial stages of a project where nothing is yet clear and when you’re only faced with problem or an ambition. I draw energy and excitement from having to “crack the nut”, brainstorm solutions and make them tangible by developing a plan of attack. I thought that consulting would be a great way to turn this passion into a career. When I had a chance to work alongside consultants on one of the projects, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue.

Why Strategy&?

In choosing a place to work, company culture is for me a top priority. Over the years, I understood that it is people around you who can help bring out your true potential. Talking to Strategy&, I met a lot of unbelievably smart, ambitious, fun loving people, who, at the same time, are humble, warm and attentive to others. With them, I felt I could be myself, and I was not disappointed. Whether you are celebrating your success or having a difficult time, at Strategy& you can be sure you will not be alone.

What do you like most about your job?

What I enjoy most about my job is having the opportunity to understand how organizations work and how they evolve. Observing first-hand how decisions are made on top management level and being able to contribute to the discussions and shape the solution is exhilarating. Next to this, what I like is the constant change and great variety of projects. No two engagements are the same, which keeps you on your toes and constantly pushes your intellectual boundaries.

Which project was your most interesting project and why?

We worked on a project to assess potential impact of a fundamental change to the corporate governance of a firm. To underline the company’s commitment to sustainability and ESG issues, the client was considering a radical change to how key strategic decisions were made. Instead of a traditional model, where the owners have the ultimate say, the company wanted to share the decision power with its clients, employees and the society. The project was fascinating for two reasons. It involved a bold, pioneering idea which has not yet been tested by any commercial organization in the world, and which could have major impact on the viability of the company in the long term. Secondly, it posed an interesting challenge of translating the concept of decision power and its intrinsic value into a company valuation, expressed in money terms. It was exciting to be part of this important and complex discussion and help the client weigh the pros and cons.

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