Blogpost Marieke Vollebregt Associate and former intern at Strategy&

Marieke Vollebregt
September 11, 2018

I did an internship at Strategy& and I am glad I made this decision! As many of you will recognize, my studies were quite theoretical. I did not know what kind of job I wanted and I felt I needed to experience working in different industries before I applied for a job. For me, an internship was the perfect way to do this, and after my BSc I did internships in different sectors. I also wanted to do an internship in Strategy Consulting; I chose Strategy& because I would work on at least two projects in different industries and because I connected well with the people.

As an intern at Strategy&, you will do the same work as starting Associates including senior client interaction and responsibility for independent pieces of work. On my first project, I quantified the impact of strategic initiatives at a hospital using input that I gathered from the client in interviews. My second project involved evaluating an international expansion for a food wholesaler and I was responsible for assessing the impact of price differences in the target countries. During my last project, I had very close and frequent client contact: I supported purchasers of an internet retailer to perform data-driven negotiation. These three very different projects in three industries allowed me to experience the full range of work at Strategy&.

Next to the project work, I to know my (future) colleagues through social activities. They turned out to be kind, ambitious and fun and I felt very much at home. After doing my MSc, I decided to go back to Strategy& rather than applying for other strategy consultancies. My internship convinced me that Strategy& was the right place for me. I have been working here for some time now and my expectations have definitely been met. I can highly recommend taking some time off from your studies to find out what industry and which company you are looking for!

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