Revitalizing B2B planning and performance capabilities for a GCC integrated telecom operator

The situation

An integrated telecom operator in the GCC was looking to shift its focus to its B2B unit, which had grown remarkably in recent years. The B2B segment itself was expanding, offering a new ecosystem of ICT products.

To tap into this, and enhance efficiency, our client needed to generate a detailed view of the market, develop a clear growth plan, and optimize profitability at the product and segment levels. Additionally, the operator wanted to optimize its performance management practices, enhance its sales target setting and cascading capabilities, and automate its reporting processes.

The client asked us to design and implement a comprehensive program to achieve the desired outcomes.

The situation

How we helped

How we helped

We mobilized a cross-functional team to develop an end-to-end target-setting and performance management system including a set of key modules.

Through the market-sizing and target-setting module, we defined drivers that allowed sizing and forecasting the market; we subsequently analyzed the operator’s historical performance and strategic aspirations to set and cascade granular growth targets. In the performance-tracking module, we revamped the client’s performance measurement methodology and implemented an automated tracking system. The module enabled us to establish a detailed view of the client’s performance across several areas; we could then identify gaps in the incentives calculation methodology on one hand and define critical profitability optimization initiatives on the other.

To visualize insights identified across the different modules, we designed and rolled out a data warehouse that integrated and fed into a data visualisation software.


Our efforts gave a robust picture of the B2B ICT market size and enabled the operator to set growth targets across dimensions including products, segments, channels, partners, and geographies. Thanks to the new insight-driven performance management system, the client replaced its 100-page reports with six user-friendly dashboards that track KPIs in real-time across the sales value chain.