Multi-sector investments

Multisector investments thought leadership

The following articles were written by Strategy& partners and other senior professionals on key topics in the multisector investments sector.

Investment opportunities in the GCC education sector
Private equity investors in the GCC need to identify the investment plays best suited to their risk/return profiles, and utilize a tailored set of value creation levers. They have four plays available: growth-focused acquisitions, greenfield ventures, consolidation plays and real estate sale-leasebacks.
From traditional to impact philanthropy
GCC family philanthropies could maximize the impact of their charitable giving and create a legacy of philanthropy around their family by adopting a more modern approach like leading global family-owned philanthropic institutions. To do so, they will need to institutionalize their philanthropic involvement, introduce innovative financing tools, and implement impact measurement.
From family enterprises to institutions
Middle East and North Africa family businesses are dealing with problems of generation transition, an increasingly challenging business environment, and business models growing in complexity. These firms need to embark on an institutionalization journey that is customized to their particular needs, with a focus on three areas: family and corporate governance, strategy, and corporate enablers.