Multi-sector investments

Client examples

The following case studies are representative of Strategy&’s experience in multisector investments.

Sovereign wealth funds

Pan-Arab sovereign investment company portfolio turnaround
A Pan-Arab GCC-focused joint-stock company that conducts equity investments and wholesale lending engaged Strategy& to develop a five-year strategic business plan.
Local direct investment strategy for a GCC sovereign wealth fund
A GCC investment company wholly owned by a sovereign wealth fund retained Strategy& to develop its local direct investment strategy and policy.

Multisector/Family-owned conglomerates

Multi-sector portfolio strategy for a new geography
Due to slowing growth in its core business and excessive exposure to the distribution of one brand, a leading MENA-region family conglomerate was searching for diversification opportunities.
Corporate strategy and governance model for family-owned conglomerate
A family-owned business that operates in the distribution business and manages investments wanted to review its corporate strategy and governance model.
Investment portfolio restructuring and operating model review
A leading GCC investment company, asked for Strategy&’s help to design a formalized investment strategy and operating model.

Private equity companies

Commercial due diligence for a leading regional private equity player
The private equity arm of a large international bank wanted to acquire a stake in a company dealing in the tissues and diapers markets in the MENA region.
Assessing investment opportunities in the GCC healthcare and education sectors
A UAE investment company conducting private equity investments in the GCC wanted an assessment of the opportunities in the healthcare and education sectors.

Family principals

Single family office feasibility assessment and business model
A high-net-worth European family engaged Strategy& to define the optimal business and operating models for its single family office (SFO).
Family group constitution and shareholder agreement
A GCC-based family conglomerate welcoming the family’s second generation into the business ranks was experiencing discord and divergent interests among the beneficiaries.