Key trends

In addition to financial viability, media companies are faced with other challenges related to technology evolution, market deregulation, and the creation of content, especially for “new media,” such as Web sites, blogs, and video games. Such market dynamics present opportunities for the media owners who are able to acquire or develop appealing content, tap into new market segments, and improve the efficiency of their operations.

How we help our clients

As the leading global management consultant to the media industry, Strategy& has helped governments, regulators, and senior executives of private companies with major strategic and operational decisions. Our experience covers the full spectrum of traditional and new-media businesses, including magazine, newspaper, and book publishing; audiovisual broadcasting, including radio, PayTV, and satellite television; content producing; interactive and digital media; theme parks; retail entertainment; and live entertainment.

Areas of focus include:

  • Business strategy: Corporate strategy, strategic alliances and joint ventures, market expansion, channel strategy, portfolio strategy, pricing strategy, and brand strategy
  • Sales, marketing, and innovation: Advertising sales strategy and effectiveness, sales-force design and incentives, customer segmentation, and acquisition strategies
  • Organization and change management: Organization design and implementation, productivity improvement, program management, and process redesign
  • Operations: Profit margin improvement, sales and operations planning, forecasting, and supply chain restructuring
  • Technology: Technology strategies and new technology evaluation.

Strategy& has extensive experience in helping private-sector and public-sector clients achieve their objectives, whether those objectives are an increase in profitability for an individual company or the sustainable growth of a particular sector. Highlights of such engagements include:

  • Drafting a media-sector deregulation policy in two regional markets, outlining the regulatory framework and competitive environment
  • Defining, for a regional media conglomerate, a new portfolio of television channels, radio stations, print, and new media assets and developing a business case and market entry strategy for each of them
  • Designing a transformation program for a major regional public broadcaster with the aim of improving its competitive position following market liberalization
  • Developing, for a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) government authority, the vision, concept, financial plan, and operational plan of a leading media city
  • Advising a GCC investor group on a market entry strategy and developing a business plan for the satellite TV broadcasting industry.

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The communications and technology sector in the Middle East is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Liberalization and new technologies and business models have inspired a huge boom in development and continue to drive major trends.