Today, the media industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Middle East. Population growth, digital platform use, and shifting demographics to younger generations who engage in a high level of media consumption are the primary drivers of change in the region. As a result, advertising spending, the main source of revenue in the media field has been increasing at a healthy rate. However, this growth does not always translate into sound financial results; regional markets are ever more competitive, and the demands of external stakeholders continue to increase.

Strategy& offers media solutions and consulting services to address the pressures faced by media and entertainment companies in the Middle East. Our media consulting experience covers the full spectrum of traditional and digital businesses: television, video games, digital media, mobile media, social media, magazines, newspapers, books, radio, film, music, and more. Our experts work with clients to help them master new skill sets and develop media management strategies that integrate their business models with the growth platforms of the future.

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Content democratization
The amount of digital content created, exchanged, and consumed is growing by the day across the world. The objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive view of the effect of the Internet on content providers and distributers, emerging artists, and consumers in five very different countries.
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Middle East newsprint publishers need to position themselves to grow in adjacent businesses if they are to overcome the digital disruption that has affected media and advertising markets elsewhere. They should stress on their strengths in local news and advertising.
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Most of the future growth in viewership will take place on new screens like PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and through new, nonlinear video formats, while social media will rise in importance.