Health thought leadership

The following articles were written by Strategy& partners and other senior professionals on key topics in the health sector.

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GCC health providers can use customized whole-person care models (WPCMs) to care for subpopulations that are at disproportionate risk of, or suffering from, non-communicable diseases. WPCMs have five elements: a care coordinator, a multidisciplinary healthcare team, care collaborators, informatics, and incentive structures. Providers also need foundational capabilities, with digitization as a core aspect of these capabilities.
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The GCC is confronting near epidemic levels of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses, cancer, and diabetes. Governments urgently need to introduce a range of new and effective policies to curb these diseases’ prevalence, otherwise the economic burden that they impose will reach $68 billion in 2022.
Pharma emerging markets 2.0
To better understand both the challenges faced by the global pharmaceutical industry in its pursuit of emerging-market opportunities and the strategies that leaders are employing to address them, Strategy& surveyed executives from more than 25 of the top pharmaceutical and generics companies, other industry experts, and members of Strategy&’s global pharmaceutical practice.
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Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries can use public-private partnerships as a means of managing rising healthcare costs, as a mechanism to enhance the capabilities of the healthcare system, and as part of a program of systemic transformation of the sector.