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The financial services industry in the Middle East has experienced several years of uninterrupted growth. Macroeconomic growth — spurred by rising oil prices, demographic shifts, and regulatory changes — has been the catalyst for this expansion, increasing the demand for financial sector consulting services. The rapid growth of financial centers in the region presents significant challenges and opportunities for businesses in the Middle East. Strategy& is uniquely poised to assist financial services clients with the assessment and acquisition of these emerging opportunities, either through the power of existing corporate structures or through focused alliances with foreign or domestic partners.

We assist our clients in all segments of the financial sector, including insurance, exchanges, retail banking, corporate banking, private wealth management, capital markets, and investment banking. Working with our clients, we develop and implement a customized financial services strategy, based on current financial industry trends and the unique functional expertise of our partners. We provide comprehensive support for all major functions of financial services — from providing risk management and organizational structure analysis to designing operating models, developing corporate strategies, and making information technology recommendations.

Within the constantly shifting world of financial services, strategy consulting is a key component of developing a sound model for continued growth and development. We offer our clients the ability to address their most urgent business needs. Based on our experience across all sectors, we identify profitable service offerings and isolate key trends to increase our clients’ strategic performance.

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Our thought leadership

Developing a FinTech ecosystem in the GCC
In the U.S. and Europe, financial technology (FinTech) “ecosystems” have stimulated technological innovation, made financial markets and systems more efficient, and improved customer experience. The four necessary design elements for these ecosystems exist in the GCC: the business environment/access to markets, government/regulatory support, access to capital, and financial expertise.
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As the GCC private wealth market continues to grow, almost doubling in size since 2010, understanding the underlying sub-segments is becoming increasingly pertinent. Private bankers can make significant gains by identifying one or more of these sub-segments, tailoring meaningful value propositions for them, and strengthening the relevant capabilities to serve them.
Basel III: A silver lining for Middle East banks
Basel III forces regional banks to take a hard look at their capital allocation and deploy their capital more strategically by calling for higher capital requirements and more stringent definitions of capital. Financial institutions should consider the new rules as a catalyst to upgrade their capabilities and as a call for thoughtful, balanced improvements of their risk-return profile.
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As contractors in the GCC face shifts in the type, complexity, and size of contracting projects, they must adapt their overall strategies and operating models to the demands of the new environment.

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Daniel Diemers
Al Arabiya hosts Strategy&’s Daniel Diemers to discuss the firm’s study entitled GCC private banking study 2015: Seizing the opportunities
Daniel Diemers
CNBC Arabia hosts Strategy&’s Daniel Diemers to discuss the firm’s study entitled GCC private banking study 2015: Seizing the opportunities.