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The need for communications and technology consulting services in the Middle East is greater than ever before, fueled by fundamental changes within the telecom industry. Liberalization, along with the adoption of new technologies and changing business models, has inspired a boom in innovation and development, driving the need for a coherent telecommunications business strategy.

Since the mid 1990s, our communications and technology industry experts and strategists have guided companies through their transformation and growth programs. Working in tandem with our clients, we’ve helped address all facets of telecom services in the Middle East — from corporate planning, financial planning, performance management, and procurement to organization design and implementation, customer service, marketing and launching of new services, information technology, and mobile communication.

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A new wave of M&A for Middle East telecom operators
The telecom industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is on the verge of a new wave of M&A. Telecom companies are likely to pursue regional, or even global, targets within the growing information and communications technologies (ICT) sector.
Mission critical
GCC telecom operators are well positioned to provide Long-Term Evolution (LTE) mission critical networks and related services for government emergency services.
Reconsidering military ICT security
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)1 armed forces face an information security conundrum. On the one hand, they need to develop “information superiority” — the ability to meet the information requirements of supported forces with greater timeliness, relevance, accuracy, and comprehensiveness than an adversary.
Telecom operators in the age of drones
Telecom operators are uniquely positioned for the commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (drone) market because of their capabilities in connectivity, cloud, big data, and analytics. Telecom operators could offer drone-powered solutions by building partnerships in areas related to drone procurement, data processing, and data delivery, and by leveraging internal capabilities across the value chain.
Preparing for the digital era
Executives in the GCC are excited by digital. They recognize its benefits, such as stronger customer orientation and increased efficiency — vital in an era of budget constraints.
Prepared by Strategy& for Facebook in support of its initiative, the ‘Connecting the world’ report identifies mechanisms that can accelerate Internet growth and drive universal inclusion.
Understanding digital content and services ecosystem
The government, local content providers, telecom operators, and global platform providers can play an important role in jump-starting digital content ecosystems by investing in relevant, local content to help build a user base large enough to reach the critical mass point. More and better local content from new companies will help to bring millions of unconnected people online and further engage those already connected.
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Turkey can accelerate the reach of national broadband with six policy measures: evolve and boost commercialization channels; reduce the cost of ownership for end users; scale up relevant local applications and content; promote wholesale and infrastructure sharing services that make commercial sense; leverage the Universal Service Fund to support broadband deployment in pre-defined low-density areas; drive municipality-led demand aggregation and incentives.
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Telecom companies face increased competition and rising network costs, which are reducing their gross earnings. Instead of responding with cost-cutting, they should undertake a comprehensive product profitability and simplification exercise. At that point they can restructure market-facing and back-end operations and infrastructure, which will lay the foundations for improved profitability.

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