Government restructuring

After feeling the growth pains of significant socioeconomic progress, the government of a Gulf ‎Cooperation Council country required a strategy to transform and modernize government ‎operations to improve its services. The country launched a full-scale government restructuring ‎program and retained Strategy& to support the development of the strategy, the design, ‎and the implementation of the full program.

Working with government counterparts, the Strategy& team created strategies and operating models for all major government structures. ‎These models redesigned and streamlined the public sector, transformed services delivery ‎through effective use of technology, and enhanced citizen participation in decisions. A program ‎management office was created to carry out the restructuring initiatives.

By the second phase ‎of the plan, the government-wide transformation was experiencing tremendous success ‎through trusted client relationships, increased stakeholder awareness, and major efficiency ‎improvements.