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The Middle East has recently witnessed a strong surge in demand for IT consulting services, fueled by large-scale government programs combined with a drive for growth, cost management, and security. In order to consistently outpace competitors, organizations must have clear IT strategies and build systems of differentiating capabilities consistent with their focus. Strategy& offers clients customized IT strategy consulting services, working with them to address issues such as IT governance, enterprise IT, information security, and mounting cost pressures. Our team of IT experts and strategists helps clients develop a sustainable IT agenda based on industry trends, allowing them to realize immediate and enduring returns on their technology investments.

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Content democratization
The amount of digital content created, exchanged, and consumed is growing by the day across the world. The objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive view of the effect of the Internet on content providers and distributers, emerging artists, and consumers in five very different countries.
Tech-enabled transport
Innovative technologies offer GCC countries a means of managing significant fiscal, safety, environmental, and accessibility challenges in their transportation systems.
Executives in the GCC are excited by digital. They recognize its benefits, such as stronger customer orientation and increased efficiency — vital in an era of budget constraints.
Prepared by Strategy& for Facebook in support of its initiative, the ‘Connecting the world’ report identifies mechanisms that can accelerate Internet growth and drive universal inclusion.
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Turkey can accelerate the reach of national broadband with six policy measures: evolve and boost commercialization channels; reduce the cost of ownership for end users; scale up relevant local applications and content; promote wholesale and infrastructure sharing services that make commercial sense; leverage the Universal Service Fund to support broadband deployment in pre-defined low-density areas; drive municipality-led demand aggregation and incentives.
Developing a FinTech ecosystem in the GCC
In the U.S. and Europe, financial technology (FinTech) “ecosystems” have stimulated technological innovation, made financial markets and systems more efficient, and improved customer experience. The four necessary design elements for these ecosystems exist in the GCC: the business environment/access to markets, government/regulatory support, access to capital, and financial expertise.
Cyber security in the Middle East
The continuing success of digitization initiatives in the Middle East brings with it an added and growing exposure to the risk of cyber-attacks, whether from other states or criminals. Countries need a strategic response that mobilizes stakeholders and builds preventive and reactive cyber-security capabilities.
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Companies need to understand where they stand in terms of big data maturity so that they can progress and identify the required initiatives. This involves examining their environment readiness, the extent of legal and regulatory frameworks, and ICT infrastructure; their internal capabilities; and the many methods for using big data.

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Samer Bohsali
Dubai One interviews Strategy&’s Samer Bohsali to discuss the Ideation Center insight entitled “Preparing for the digital era: The state of digitalization in GCC businesses