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Press releases 2017

The GCC needs to develop a robust child protection ecosystem, according to a recent study by global management consulting firm Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company). 
GCC family businesses could maximize the outcomes of their philanthropic efforts by adopting a more impactful approach, according to a recent study by the Ideation Center, the leading think tank for management consultancy Strategy& in the Middle East (formerly Booz & Company).
The face of innovation is changing because of a significant shift toward service and software offerings and away from product-based offerings. 
GCC countries need to adopt a structured technology adoption framework to overcome current challenges facing their transportation systems, according to a recent study by management consultancy Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company).  
To reduce bureaucracy, GCC companies can use the Bureaucracy Measurement Index (BMI), recently launched by management consultancy Strategy&, formerly Booz & Company.