Press releases 2015

Global investment in the sector jumped three-fold from 2008, reaching US$3 billion in 2014 and is expected to double by 2018
GCC has all the necessary design elements in place to develop FinTech ecosystems
To capitalise on the opportunity, governments and financial institutions should take coordinated and aligned measures to nurture the ecosystem
Only 20% of projects are recognized as fully successful
Qualitative hunches are too often relied on, and are misleading
IT analytics provide an in-depth quantitative analysis, highlighting gaps and simplifying problem solving
Energy usage in the UAE has grown at an annual average of 4% over the past 6 years, with projections that it will increase to 5% through 2020
An integrated energy efficient strategy comprising of three key aspects - smart cities, building efficiency and water usage can significantly reduce consumption
The study identifies four strategic priorities that can aid in achieving greater levels of energy efficiency in the UAE
Regional digital markets to add US$820 billion and create 4.4 million jobs in 6 year
Increased digitization adds to cyber-threat vulnerability  
Strategy& outlines six steps to combat cyber-crime in MENA
The world’s developing and emerging economies are failing to fully exploit the potential of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to drive social and economic transformation and catch up with more advanced nations, according to the Global Information Technology Report 2015, co-published today by the World Economic Forum, INSEAD and Cornell University, with the support of Strategy&, formerly Booz & Company.
Companies undergoing forced CEO turnovers rather than planned successions have foregone US$112 billion in shareholder value annually in recent years; good news is that companies are now far more often planning CEO turnovers.
Private wealth doubled in the GCC growing 17.5% per year between 2010 -2014 / Saudi Arabia and the UAE control 74% of the region’s private wealth / Affluent segment is the fastest-growing wealth segment in the GCC, presenting long-term opportunities for private banks and wealth managers
Strategy& (Formerly Booz & Company) has appointed Tony Raphael as their new Head of the Financial Services practice in the MENA region. Mr. Raphael is rejoining the firm after having been a member of the financial services practice between 2001 and 2008.
Joint study by Al-Sayedah Khadijah Bint Khawilid Center and Strategy& investigates role of women in family businesses / Transition to third generation presents family businesses great opportunity to draw from the entire talent pool
GCC countries have major competitive advantages as meetings tourism destinations / Proportion of business tourists is higher in the GCC than the global average — close to one-third of all tourist arrivals / UAE has the most robust meetings tourism model among the GCC countries