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CNBC Arabia interviews Samer Bohsali from Strategy& to discuss the Ideation Center Insight entitled 'Embracing sharing: Managing the disruption of the sharing economy in the GCC'

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Distribution market: Pan Arab

According to Jad Hajj, Partner with Strategy&, the technology industry seems to have plenty of growth opportunities. More Middle East organizations are adopting cloud computing, while the Internet of Things (IoT, the network of connected devices) is altering the face of business. Yesterday’s science fiction is becoming today’s business reality, whether in the form of drones, autonomous trucks, virtual reality, or digital assistants. The massive growth in demand for digital technology does not, however, on its own mean secure profits for technology firms. 
Distribution market: United Arab Emirates

According to Samer Bohsali, Partner with Strategy&, GCC governments need to continuously reskill their workforce to embrace the latest technologies. The digital sector tends to change rapidly because of continuously emerging new technologies that redefine the way business is done, which is less often the case in traditional jobs. Creating a digital workforce of continuous learners is key to drive the success of national transformation plans.
Distribution market: Pan Arab

According to Strategy& Partner Samer Bohsali, the GCC countries have ambitious targets to move away from their dependence on oil. National plans like Saudi Vision 2030 and Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 require leaps of efficiency across their whole economies. Digitisation, driven by a local, skilled, and adaptable workforce, is one of the key enablers required to reach these objectives.

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The MENA telecom industry is currently pursuing significant growth and expansion within the promising Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector, most probably through Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) to fill their capability gaps.
A recent study by global management consulting firm Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), part of the PwC network, has highlighted that multinational corporations (MNCs), and their local partners, operating in the Saudi oil-field services and equipment sector must review their strategies and approaches to partnerships in order to continue to thrive.
The GCC can truly benefit from sharing economy platforms by tapping into underexploited human resources and assets, says a study by management consulting firm Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), part of the PwC network. Based on a survey conducted by Strategy&, GCC consumers spent $10.7 billion on sharing economy platforms in 2016, generating an estimated $1.7 billion in revenues for these platforms.