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At Strategy&, we understand that organizations can greatly benefit from our industry perspectives and foresight; we gladly provide our functional insights to the media for broad regional and global circulation.

We honor and value our commitment to our clients’ privacy; Strategy& will not publicly speak about client-specific assignments without express consent. We are most inclined to disseminate the intellectual capital of our firm and the industry perspectives of our experts. 

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CNBC Arabia interviews Samer Bohsali from Strategy& to discuss the Ideation Center Insight entitled 'Embracing sharing: Managing the disruption of the sharing economy in the GCC'

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Distribution market: United Arab Emirates

Family businesses in the Gulf Cooperation Council are major forces in regional philanthropy, supporting a wide range of causes. And as they undergo important internal changes, with new generations taking control, these businesses can increase the impact they have in their communities by modernising traditional philanthropic approaches.
Distribution market: United Arab Emirates 

Strategy&’s Principal Sevag Papzian writes that Digitalisation has become an imperative for companies worldwide. The smart adoption of technology and exploitation of the data it generates can help companies reinvent their business model, achieve major operational and cost efficiencies, and become more relevant to their customers.
Distribution market: Pan Arab 

Serge Eid, Manager at Strategy& writes that with incomes in the region rising and new infrastructure being built, GCC countries are enjoying higher standards of living. As consumption levels increase in both shops and online, key actions need to be taken to safeguard GCC consumers from fraud, misinformation and other possible threats.

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The market for drones in the GCC is expected to reach US$ 1.5 billion by 2022, presenting a massive opportunity for regional telecom operators, according to Strategy&, formerly Booz & Company, and part of the PwC network. By leveraging their capabilities and resources, these companies can play a central role in the development of the regional drone industry.
GCC economies have been growing fast, incomes have been rising and new infrastructure projects are underway. The business sector is flourishing, and e-commerce industry and the wider sharing economy are gaining momentum. According to a recent study conducted by management consultancy Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), these developments will directly impact efforts required to protect consumers against fraud, and consequently should be addressed.
Airports and airlines need to work together and exploit synergies wherever possible, according to a recent study by global management consulting firm Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), part of the PwC network. These partners need to join forces in order to boost revenues, lower costs, improve efficiencies, and enhance the customer experience.