Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is home to two Strategy& offices: Our office in Cordoba Oasis Village Compound opened in 1998, followed by an office at the famous Kingdom Tower in 2004. Strategy& consultants use the global resources available to them as well as their deep local knowledge in Saudi Arabia to create essential advantage and help clients build their local, regional, and global capabilities.

Our work in Saudi Arabia ranges from the development of business plans to the formulation of valuation and operating models. We have supported clients in their establishment of joint ventures and strategic alliances, thus building clients’ capabilities and expanding the scope of cooperation between regional and global firms.

Riyadh - Cordoba Compound


Cordoba Compound
Villa 257, Exit 8
opp. Imam University
P. O. Box 6790
Riyadh 11452

Phone:  +966 11 249 7781
Phone:  +966 11 248 3507 x 257, x 830, x 809, x 828
Fax: +966 11 249 7763



Riyadh - Kingdom Tower

Kingdom Tower
50th floor
P. O. Box 6790
Riyadh 11452

Phone:  +966 11 249 7781
Fax: +966 11 249 7763