Helping children with special needs: Senses Residential and Day Care Center

A group of Dubai-based staff members took part in a CSR initiative to support Senses Residential and Day Care Center, a government-backed organization in Dubai that caters to special-needs children whose families are economically challenged. Through sophisticated tools and technology, the organization helps to develop the cognitive and sensory skills of more than 90 children who have disabilities such as autism and Down syndrome.

Identifying the main challenges facing the organization was the team’s first priority. They invited the Senses staff and three board members to attend a half-day workshop, which enabled the team to determine the challenges as well as to update the organization’s mission and vision statement, and define high-level strategy objectives and supporting initiatives.

The workshop was a success both for the firm’s team and the organization. In a letter, a board member expressed her appreciation to the Strategy& team. “The few hours we spent together were extremely beneficial in understanding and formulating our vision, mission, key objectives, and initiatives. I would be very pleased to present the document to our Board and move further in applying all points discussed,” she wrote.

Because of the team’s impressive work, Senses asked for the firm’s support going forward. In particular, the team is helping the organization implement fund-raising and governance initiatives and processes, and roles and responsibilities. The Strategy& team looks forward to a lasting collaboration with Senses.

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