Saving lives through music: Heartbeat

Strategy& recently supported Lebanon-based NGO Heartbeat in the design and optimization of its governance and operating model. Heartbeat focuses on providing treatment for children in Lebanon with congenital cardiac disease. The organization stages musical events to raise funds for treatment; surgeons at Hotel Dieu de France volunteer their time and expertise to help the children.

Founded in 2005 by a group of musically talented physicians and volunteers, this charitable organization has witnessed tremendous growth. Since its inception, it has treated more than 1,350 children with heart disease. Its course has been mainly smooth and positive, driven by its top-tier artistic events, its network of recurrent donors and partners, and its dedicated and cohesive team. However, as most successful entrepreneurial ventures, Heartbeat wanted to optimize its governance and operating model to ensure its operations are sustainable and efficient and to maximize its impact on the Lebanese community. Strategy& offered to support Heartbeat in defining its mandate, designing its governance model, and developing robust governance and operating models, while leveraging its inherent strengths and capabilities.

The Strategy& team worked closely with Heartbeat’s executive committee, partners, and major donors to understand the current strengths and guiding principles as well as the challenges impeding the formalization of its governance and operating model. The insights and findings were used to develop a visioning workshop to brainstorm and align stakeholders’ views on Heartbeat’s future vision, mission, and strategic objectives. The visioning workshop produced constructive feedback on the targeted geographical span (i.e., would it be local, regional, or international), the breadth of services to cover (i.e., financing, medical treatment, social support, or capabilities development), and the level of expertise aimed at (i.e. single center, network of centers, or center of excellence). The Strategy& team played a moderating and guiding role in this exercise.

Building on the vision, mission, and strategic objectives defined by the members, the Strategy& team designed the target governance model (including a governance structure, roles and responsibilities, and interaction model) and target operating model (including the organization structure, processes, tools, and KPIs) needed to support the mandate and establish a sustainable organization. Finally, the Strategy& team developed a master plan to support the implementation of the target model, including detailed initiative charters and an articulated time line. The Strategy& team is proud to continue supporting the important work this organization does in Lebanon.


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