Building an elderly house: Caritas

Since its establishment in Lebanon in 1976, Caritas has played an important role in supporting the underprivileged and needy with medical and social services, mainly focusing on youth and elderly.

Frustrated by a lack of elderly houses to which they could direct the disadvantaged senior patients they assist, the Caritas Ashrafieh team embarked on a mission to establish an elderly house. The envisioned house would provide the best quality of life for elderly in a home-like environment and assist them with basic healthcare needs (e.g., medication follow-up, first-aid, etc.) as well as enjoyable and enriching activities.

In April 2013, Strategy& was engaged pro-bono to support Caritas Ashrafieh in defining the project’s strategic objectives, its operating model, business plan, and funding strategy. The Strategy& team started by translating the founders’ objectives into clear goals, an inspiring vision, a functional mission statement, and deep-rooted values and principles to guide the house’s day-to-day operations.

Building on the vision and mission, the team designed the elderly house’s governance, organization structure, and modus operandi, including manpower plans for both launch and steady state, job descriptions for key positions, and key strategic and operational processes. To answer the founders’ concerns about the future sustainability of their project, the team developed a detailed business case for the elderly house and provided options for different levels of initial investment and service monetization. They then developed a fund-raising strategy to guide Caritas Ashrafieh in using the right tools and channels to reach and retain donors and run successful fund-raising activities. Finally, they developed an execution road map to help the founders concentrate their activities on a successful launch.

Caritas Ashrafieh aims to open a fully operational elderly house by the end of 2014. Strategy& will continue to work closely with the founders throughout the implementation phase to achieve the developed objectives.


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