Middle East community development

Strategy& has long been committed to helping regional communities, a commitment reflected in its mission statement:

"To reach out to and drive positive change in all communities through diversified projects and events, with themes including communities’ heritage, culture, environment, and various other socioeconomic issues."

Our community engagement initiatives include offering consulting support, volunteering, fund raising, and sponsorships. Our support has improved the lives of hundreds across the Middle East region by creating sustainable community support services, developing sustainable environments, or preserving culture.

Strategy&’s vibrant community services team has supported and delivered more than 30 different initiatives across the Middle East over the past few years. Examples include support for the elderly, support for homeless children, support for cancer patients (especially young ones), support for environmental protection projects, support for the hungry, support for education initiatives, and support for the mentally and physically challenged.

Other communities

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Al Mawadah
  • Princess Seeta Award
  • Saudi Heritage Association

United Arab Emirates

  • Abdel Latif Jamil Foundation
  • Emirates Wildlife Society
  • Senses
  • Young Arab Leaders


  • Al Makassed Association
  • Ammiq Wetlands
  • Arc En Ciel
  • Baalbeck International Festival
  • Beirut Playground
  • Beirut wonder Forest
  • British Red Cross
  • Caritas Achrafieh
  • Child of Lebanon
  • Childhood & Development
  • Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon
  • CPF
  • Donner Sang Compter
  • Eastwood College
  • Faire Face
  • First Lady Foundation
  • Food Bank
  • Heartbeat
  • Imam Sadr Association
  • Jamhour Alumni
  • Kafa
  • Kunhadi
  • Live Love Beirut
  • Ministry of Justice
  • My Schoolpulse
  • Roads for Life
  • Skoun
  • Tamanna
  • Teach for Lebanon
  • The Tyre Foundation
  • YASA Group


  • Alfanar
  • Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation
  • The Cairo Kids Initiative

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